Pet Boarding FAQs

Questions about Pet Boarding Answered by Our Veterinarian

A vacation or work trip can cause stress if you don't know what you will do with Fido or Cookie. Highway 71 Veterinary Hospital serves Cedar Creek, TX, and the surrounding region. We provide pet care while you're away. Let us discuss the FAQ, so you know what to expect.


What Kind of Pets Do You Board?

With our pet boarding service, we take both cats and dogs. We keep them separate to keep everyone safe. Our visitors stay in living quarters unless we take them out. There is time for socialization, but we make sure to keep pets that could be aggressive away from others.

What Types of Services Are Included in Your Boarding Services?

We offer all our visitors the opportunity to get outside and pay on runs whenever possible. We give pets a place to sleep and ensure they're fed and given clean water daily. We walk all dogs and ensure both dogs and cats get ample playtime and interaction with our staff to ensure they're not lonely and remain active.

Are There Any Requirements for the Pets You Board?

We require all of our pets to be up to date on all their vaccinations. Therefore, our veterinarian can ensure your pet has all the necessary vaccines if you bring them in for an appointment before utilizing our boarding service. These vaccinations protect your animal and others from potentially dangerous infections.

We ask that you complete a medical history report, so we know what care we need to provide and can plan accordingly to prevent any health complications. It also helps tell us about any routines, such as their feeding time. Then, we can try our hardest to keep your pet content while you're away.

Regarding spaying and neutering, your pet doesn't have to be. However, inform us if your pet is female. We can then avoid an unwanted litter, mounting, or spraying.

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If you're going out of town, Highway 71 Veterinary Hospital in Cedar Creek, TX, and the general vicinity can help. We offer pet boarding, so your pet can get the quality care they deserve even when you can't provide it. Contact us today to schedule your boarding service by calling (512) 303-5444

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