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Pet Boarding Services in Cedar Creek, TX

Are you a pet owner who needs a much-needed vacation or have a business trip coming up? If so, consider calling the vet team from Highway 71 Veterinary Hospital to help watch your pet. While having your friends or neighbors take care of your animal may seem like a good option, they may not be well-prepared to properly care for him. At Highway 71 Veterinary Hospital, our team has the expertise to ensure your beloved animal, whether in Cedar Creek, Bastrop, Del Valle, or Austin, TX, is properly taken care of while you are gone for your trip. Here are several reasons why you should choose us to be your go-to place for all pet boarding.


Professional Supervision

Our facility has staff who are well qualified and certified in pet behaviors and training. We make sure that every animal who stays with us is friendly and can get along with other pets. The safety of your pet is our number priority, so each animal goes through a temperament test before boarding with us.

Veterinary Care

Like humans, pets can fall sick anytime. If we notice that your pet is feeling ill, we will give him all the medical attention that he needs to make a speedy recovery. You don't have to take him anywhere else for treatment, and our veterinarian, Dr. Jeana Ohlen, is always available.

The Chance to Exercise

Instead of having pets laying down all day in their kennels, Highway 71 Veterinary Hospital has an open space for them to roam around and play with other pets. Your animal will get the chance to get enough exercise each day he stays with us, relieving any stress he may have had before coming to board with us.

Comfortable Environment

The kennels at our pet boarding facility are cleaned daily and are comfortable for pets. They are equipped with things that can keep your beloved animal healthy, safe, and happy.

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We want your pets to have a comfortable, safe, and fun time while you are away, and what better way to give those to your animal than at Highway 71 Veterinary Hospital. Call (512) 303-5444 to book your pet’s stay with us or to find out more information about our pet boarding services. Dr. Jeana Ohlen and her staff proudly serves Cedar Creek, Bastrop, Del Valle, and Austin, TX, areas.

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